LaserWagon started as a group of guys who, much like Peter Pan himself, have never quite been able to grown up. Being young means sharing in a world of wonder, magic and imagination. We believe that a child’s imagination is the world’s most valuable asset and should never be stifled or trifled with. We will do everything within our ability to protect the world’s wonder and defend the imagination. We will never tell you to grow up, get a job, or go inside. Nothing is more important to us than play with family and with friends, and we therefore strive to create innovative toys than spark nostalgia, creativity, and spontaneous laughter. Anything we can do to empower kids, urge them to create and imagine, and help them develop self confidence – these are the things that make us happy. Our products are made by big kids, for kids.

Glowbots are a patented interactive light based character creator toy for all ages. Bring unique character designs or your favorite pop culture icons to life with the unique colorful translucent pegs. Bright, customizable LED options transform your character with color-changing and strobe effects! There is no limit to your imagination. Bump packs can give you even more flexability with tons of color and options. Includes USB cable and 400 colorful pegs to get you started. LaserWagon is currently working on a new larger figure with even more color options to build your masterpiece.

Use the mobile Glowbots builder app to layout your next creation and let the app tell you what color pegs you need to build your masterpiece.

Build or Boom is a patented puzzle building race game with an explosive ending. Challenge your opponent to see who can build the construction project puzzle on the random card the fastest. The first to complete the tower blows the opponent’s tower sky high! It is a game of skill, speed and demolition that is fun for the whole family! Choose from tons of puzzle building card options or build your own using the card building app.

Introducing Fortsy, Inflate your imagination!
Long gone are the struggles of blanket fort maintenance and clean up. Fortsy products are designed with even the most adventurous kids in mind. They are easy to nflate, machine washable, and can be used indoor and out! Fortsy forts are also extremely durable – so much so that we are backing them up with a 3 year warranty!

Fortsy “Bases” are imagination’s starting point. Roughly 5 ft. wide, 5 ft. deep, and 3 ft. high, Fortsy Bases can easily fit 4-5 kids inside. Each Base includes three zipper-less doors, a mesh window, and a zippered top

Fortsy Towers are designed to complement each of our Fortsy Base themes. Fortsy Towers stand approximately 5ft high, and are 3 ft wide and 3 ft deep. Each Tower includes two zipper-less doors, two mesh windows, and zippered top and bottom panels, allowing Fortsy towers to turn into awesome tunnels as well, connecting two Fortsy bases together, or providing a really cool entrance into a single base.

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